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Veteran Catches #BLM Thugs Stomping All Over U.S. Flag, Then Things Get CRAZY [Vid]

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Veterans have a deep love of country and patriotism runs deep in their blood, so when they see someone disrespecting the flag, they really don’t take too kindly to it. Such is the case when a vet caught a group of #BlackLivesMatter thugs stomping all over an American flag, and he wasn’t about to let the little punks get away with it.

While the incident occurred over the summer, it’s more relevant than ever after the NFL allowed Beyoncé to honor these same kind of thugs during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, and it’s a reminder of how little respect entitled snots have for our country. In this particular incident, a group of #BLM thugs gathered around an American flag and stomped it on the anniversary of the shooting death of robbery suspect Michael Brown.

Thankfully, a group of veterans happened to see what was happening, then they gave the privileged youths a lesson about what that flag they so despise truly represents.

Clash Daily has more about the enraging incident:

A (white) U.S. veteran showed up to the Ferguson protests yesterday with his American flag in tow. Not exactly receiving a warm welcome, protesters threw his flag on the ground and stomped on it, shouting, “We don’t give a f*ck!” and “F*ck America!”

Desecration of the U.S. flag is something we’re used to seeing in terrorist strongholds, but not in Missouri. Outraged, the Vet stood his ground and gave them a good dose of common sense: “How about the people who f*cking died so you’d have the right to be out here doing this?”

Their response? “We died, too!” “We’re dying, too!”

Obviously, these progressive thugs have no clue about the amount of blood that’s been spilled by our veterans to preserve their right to even desecrate the flag in such a manner. Worse yet, even if they did know, I don’t believe they’d care because they’ve been brainwashed into believing they’re perpetual victims.

But these are the people that Beyoncé honored during a national sporting event that’s meant to unite us as a nation under a common interest. Does what these punks did look like it was meant to bring unity?

Not hardly. In fact, their actions were intended to be divisive, which they undoubtedly accomplished.

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