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Veteran Has To Beg When Debit Card Declined Over Diapers, Gets SURPRISE Outcome

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It’s no secret that after returning for war, veterans can find themselves in difficult positions in their civilian lives, but sometimes, things are made better by complete strangers, which is exactly what a woman witnessed in a grocery store. An unemployed veteran had his debit card declined, and a stranger’s random act of kindness blew her away.

The unidentified woman recalled the story on Facebook, and while the individuals involved remain anonymous, it serves as a reminder that we all have a duty to help those who selflessly put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. The touching chain of events are enough to bring a tear to your eye while helping to restore your faith in humanity.

The woman started her post by explaining that she realized “Most of the young men and women who join this nation’s armed services do so for their love of country,” and when they get back from overseas, “they aren’t always treated fairly by the public. She realizes they aren’t owed anything for “free,” but believes that others should help them out when they can, which I’m sure we can all agree with.

So one day while she was at the store, “there was a military vet who was talking with the cashier,” she said. He was explaining that he was unemployed and it was hard to find a job, then asked the store clerk if they were hiring because he was finding it difficult to provide for his wife and child.

She observed the items he was trying to purchase – diapers and baby food – and determined that his story added up. As someone with children, the woman knows it’s expensive to raise a kid, and she could feel his pain when the cashier gave him the total for his purchase.

Reluctantly, he slid his debit card through the machine, and sadly, the purchase was declined. But much to her surprise, the woman standing in front of her in line, “who appeared to be listening to the story as much as [she] was,” immediately stepped in to pay the veteran’s bill.

The benevolent stranger explained that her husband was also a military vet, and she would be more than happy to pay for the $40 bill because she understood what it was like to be a struggling military family. However, the former soldier was either filled with pride or just didn’t want to put a stranger out, and he begged her to put back some of the items to make the total cheaper, but the stranger refused to let him.

“The whole exchange brought tears to my eyes,” explained the stunned observer. “I was inspired by the whole exchange, and I’m telling you about what I saw now so you might feel inspired to do what she did, too.”

“Let’s support those in need,” she concluded.

Indeed. All too often we see our brave men and women return from war, only to find themselves in financial hardships and struggling to get by, and I would argue it’s our duty as patriotic Americans to help them whenever we can. After all, if it wasn’t for their selflessness and courage, we wouldn’t enjoy the many freedoms we have, so offering a little assistance when it’s needed is the least we can do to show our gratitude.

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