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SHOCK Video Catches Hillary Clinton’s BIZARRE Medical Condition That Should DISQUALIFY Her

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A new video has surfaced that appears to prove presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has some sort of medical condition that should disqualify her from running for office.

In the video, Clinton is approached by reporters who appear to be questioning her, and out of nowhere her head starts shaking uncontrollably as if she’s having some sort of seizure. After about five or six seconds of violent shaking, Clinton comes to and appears to be visibly disoriented while having the look of fear in her eyes as she tried to figure out what just happened.

Some have suggested that perhaps it shows the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease, while others have quipped that perhaps she was possessed by some sort of demonic entity. Regardless of what the cause is, this should concern voters everywhere.

Check it out:

If you notice in the second angle, the reporters around her are visibly disturbed by what they’re watching, which would suggest there wasn’t any deceptive editing going on with the video. Regardless, Hillary’s health has been a concern for quite some time, and now it appears as if there’s video evidence of her having some sort of serious medical condition, which isn’t something people should take lightly.

Hillary claims to have a clean bill of health, but she’s been captured having uncontrollable coughing fits in the past, and now she looks to have had at least one seizure, which begs the question of how often this happens. Plus, this isn’t the first time that Hillary has expressed extremely bizarre behavior.

During the Benghazi hearings, she went into an uncontrollable laughing fit as she was being questioned about a very serious subject.  Out of nowhere you could just hear her laughing really loudly, and she still didn’t stop even after being asked what was so funny.

Check it out:

Perhaps this is the reason she doesn’t do many press conferences or live appearances? If something like this were to happen during a live event, her White House bid would be over.

UPDATE: Some have suggested the video has been manipulated. Below is an unedited version that shows otherwise:

And here’s another one:



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