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OUCH: Damning Video Shows What Cruz Does To His Family During Campaign Ad Shoots

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A video from December that’s starting to make the rounds again offers a behind the scenes glimpse into how campaign ads are made, and unfortunately for Ted Cruz, people aren’t too happy over what he’s doing to his family.

CNN’s Chris Moody went to Cruz’s Texas home to speak with the senator and give his audience a look at how campaign ads are created, and while they may appear to be genuine when you see them on television, apparently they’re anything but. In fact, every last detail is staged, and in this particular video, Cruz is seen having to actually coach his family on what to do to make him look good, and it’s not sitting too well with people.

Check it out:

So much for being authentic, huh. Although in Cruz’s defense, this is likely what goes into most every campaign ad we see on TV, regardless of the candidate, so what you saw in the video should be more of an indictment on the whole process rather than an individual candidate. However, it’s still quite telling.

All the candidates try to paint this rosy picture of themselves and their families, and as you see above, that’s rather easy to do with a high-production film crew and directors. Hell, even the most dysfunctional family could look like the Cleavers with a good director since it’s their job to do exactly that – make everything look as good as possible.

However, despite the fact this kind of thing isn’t specific to just Cruz’s campaign, people still lashed out in the comment section… and it wasn’t pretty.

“This guy is so creepy. Devoting his whole life to bullshitting everyone he speaks to.,” said one commenter.

“He’s flat out creepy. What was most telling in this thing was how he badgered his mother into telling something she said several different ways that she did not want to say; yet, he insisted because HE wanted it told,” chimed in another.

“Political hack. If you have to rehearse being loved by your family; you’re probably not loved by your family. Sure they’d love the power, but they’ll have to pretend to love Ted to get there,” said yet another person.

Others took the chance to show support for their favorite candidate while blasting Cruz for being disingenuous.

“It truly epitomizes his painstaking strive to covet the extent of their superficiality to convey themselves as a proverbial Brady Bunch of sorts rather than letting go and letting God. No outtakes on live TV when Trump introduces his family during rallies,” a person said.

To be fair, Cruz had plenty of support as well.

“This is a complete and utter disgrace by CNN. This ranks right up there with Connie Chung’s hit piece on Newt Gingrich’s elderly mother. It’s worse actually, Connie was a dumb bitch…. CNN is suppose to be a legitimate news agency,” said user Kim A.

“Its definitely a good liberal media hit piece but will they do the similar hit piece on Hillary or Bernie Sanders?” echoed another.

Anyways, you get the idea. Reactions were mixed.

Personally, the video seems more like an indictment on how disingenuous politics are as a whole rather than just one candidate, since Cruz isn’t the only politician to run such an ad.



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