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VIDEO: Lib Reporter’s HUGE Mouth Gets Her In MAJOR Trouble As She Commits EPIC Career Suicide

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A Philadelphia reporter woke up with more than a hangover on Sunday after she realized what had happened the night before; it wasn’t pretty.

Colleen Campbell had gone to the Helium Comedy Club to see comedian Craig Robinson, and what should have been a fun night quickly devolved into one of the most epic career suicides ever caught on video, thanks to New York comic Wil Sylvince, who whipped out his phone as he saw what was happening.

According to Philly Mag, the 28-year-old Temple University graduate from New Jersey was allegedly being obnoxious inside of the club after having a few too many drinks, so security asked her to leave because she was disrupting others.

Big mistake…

Once she was outside of the club, her real problems began, even though she punched, kicked, and poked the eyes of security guards as she was hauled out. Campbell was seen on video taunting the security guard who asked her to leave, meanwhile, the world’s calmest police officer sat in wait to monitor the situation.

The office at one point tried to get Campbell to just go home, but she wasn’t having any of it. In fact, she was seen in the video spitting at the security guard then trying to throw her shoe at him, and at that point the office had enough.

Then she did something that nobody in media should ever do while bystanders are filming your idiotic actions leading to your arrest; shout “I work at a fucking news station, motherfucker.”

Yes, that really happened.


The entire video is below. If you really want to wrap your head around just how horrible the situation was, go ahead and watch it – be forewarned, this girl’s mouth is dirtier than a standup comic’s trying to make a name for himself.

About last night: this very obnoxious lady, who wasn't drunk (nor high I think) was disturbing the show with her "loud whispering". After 3 warnings and other customers were complaining she was asked to leave. When she got kicked out she assaulted (kicking, punching, and eye poking) 3 of the employees in bar area right outside the showroom and then outside she mock spit in the mangers face when a cop came. She verbally abused this poor cop who was trying to keep the peace at first.The show was great though! Love me some Philly! Thank you #philly #Philadelphia #kickedout #phillycops #whiteprivilege #toddrexx #craigrobinson #wilsylvince #helium #heliumcomedyclub #comedy #getyourassout #lickmyasshole

Posted by Wil Sylvince on Monday, June 5, 2017

Yeah, someone get this chick a Xanax or something, because she’s gone off the deep end.

Meanwhile, her former employer, PHL 17, almost immediately scrubbed every reference to Campbell off of their website, including any stories or videos she had done for the news outlet.

In response to the incident, Campbell took no responsibility for her actions whatsoever. Speaking to Philly Mag, she claimed to have been drugged since she says she only had “two drinks at Helium.”

However, upon further prodding it was learned that she was drinking margaritas and shots at Cantina before going to Helium, so she was half lit before even showing up.

Regardless, drunk or not, you have to be a horrible person to treat other people like this. While it sucks for Ms. Campbell she lost her job, hopefully it was a lesson learned, and she’ll be more respectful in the future.



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