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EPIC Video Montage Shows How HORRIBLY The Media Failed In 2016

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The mainstream media has exactly zero credibility after an 18-month long campaign of lies to deceive the public at-large, and a new montage video captures just how bad it was.

Out of touch doesn’t even begin to describe the ideologues masquerading as journalists, who have infiltrated the press, and eschew reality to feed their audiences far-left propaganda. As the montage shows, many in the MSM are either delusional or intentionally feeding the public misinformation, but regardless of the cause it’s evident they were working in concert with a common goal in mind – to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars posted the video, which was created by Grabien News, to his Facebook page, and after watching it it’s hard to believe anyone still has any trust in the MSM whatsoever.

Included in the video are journalists like Andrea Mitchell drooling over Hillary Clinton during a rally; hosts espousing alt-left fairy tales like white supremacy; Fidel Castro being glorified instead of called out as a tyrant; white nationalists being blamed for the Orlando terror attack; and the biggest “fake news” story of the year – Hillary Clinton winning the election by a landslide. While opinion news has definitely grown in popularity, you have to keep in mind these people claim to be “objective” reporters and attempt to present their stories as such, but as you’ll see in the video it’s really not the case.

Check it out:

Yeah. Make sure you show this to any far-left friends you may have. Perhaps it’ll awaken them from their slumber.



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