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BREAKING: VIDEO PROOF Just Surfaced Of Election Being STOLEN From Trump!

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A shocking new video has just emerged that details exactly how this election could possibly be stolen from Donald Trump, and it’s enough to make your blood boil.

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas set out to prove that when disgraced Democrat operative Robert Creamer admitted to bussing people to the polls to steal elections he wasn’t joking, and he was able to do so in Gary, Indiana. Undercover reporters for the gorilla journalist’s group posed as political consultants to get close to two pastors in the city, and what they captured on video is an affront to our democratic elections.

The two pastors apparently head good sized churches in impoverished communities, and they both admitted to not only coercing people to vote for certain candidates (not Republicans), but using church resources, such as their buses and vans, to round up voters and cart them off to the polls. For those unaware, it’s highly illegal for a church with a non-profit status to do any campaigning, let alone use its resources to persuade people to vote a certain way.

Check out the enraging video, via O’Keefe’s Twitter account:

Isn’t that something? These pastors absolutely know what they’re doing is wrong, yet they continue to do it.

The most enraging part is these pastors appear to be directly connected to the Democrat Party in Indiana, which appears to corroborate Creamer’s claim that they literally bus people to the polls to vote. So basically, they’re all colluding to steal the election from Trump by using the churches to nullify the votes of more informed and engaged voters, which is the kind of thing that happens in third-world hellholes, not the greatest nation to ever exist.

Do you still feel like you live in a Constitutional Republic?



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