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VIDEO: UNHINGED Liberal Woman Sees ‘General Lee’ At CLASSIC Car Show, Then INSANITY Happens

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A woman attending a festival in Canada took a stroll through the classic car collection and spotted a “General Lee” replica, which sent her into a fit that was so unhinged it made a toddler’s tantrum seem tame.

The horrifically offended woman, Ybia Anderson, was attending the show with her son and completely lost her damn mind at the mere sight of an historical symbol on an historical vehicle commemorating an historical television show, and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to calm her down. In fact, the 1969 Dodge Charger so enraged Anderson that she herself went into a racist rant against white people while also calling out a fellow black person because they weren’t offended enough at a car’s paint job.

The horribly embarrassing incident of ignorance occurred last weekend during the 32nd Annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival, and the cringe-worthy video has since been posted all over social media for people to gleefully mock. According to the Daily Caller, Anderson was attending the festival with her son, 3, and she went batshit crazy once she laid eyes on the famous orange and black muscle car.

From the Caller:

“I was in shock at first,” she said, according to Inside Toronto. “My heart started beating.”

In her mobile phone video, Anderson expresses great outrage at the car and demands that festival organizers get rid of it immediately.

“I want the car gone!” Anderson demands in the video. “I want it out of sight!”

“Everyone knows, anyone who went to high school, you fucking numb nuts!” Anderson said, apparently with her young child in tow. “This is racist.”

“I’m appalled that I’m the first person to flip out about this,” Anderson later explained, according to Inside Toronto. “It was very painful for me.”

Video of the incident is below. Watch it at your own risk:

WARNING: Video contains language that may not be suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

Isn’t that something?

To add to this woman’s utter insanity is the fact that she actually complained that people at the festival made unkind comments to her after she threw her little temper tantrum. But if all of this wasn’t crazy enough, the festival’s organizers actually apologized for not being inclusive enough despite the fact the only person making anyone feel unwelcome was this idiot.

Check it out:

We regret that any person was made to feel unwelcome at our event. It has always been inclusive, with committee support…

Posted by Highland Creek Heritage Festival on Sunday, June 18, 2017

So to summarize, and entitled, unhinged liberal snot went to a car show and saw an offensive symbol, but rather than keep walking and simply ignore said offensive symbol, she pulled out her phone and started recording so she could post the virtue signaling episode to Facebook, where she’d get her five minutes of fame for stopping the EEEEEVVVIIIILLLL racists! However, despite the fact this woman’s discomfort was 100 percent self-inflicted, the festival’s organizers were the ones forced to apologize even though they didn’t do anything wrong and the woman herself was far more offensive than a damned flag painted on an old car.

This is liberal lunacy at its worst, folks…



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