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BUSTED: Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Hiding DIRTY Secret, And It Was JUST Revealed

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Violent anti-Trump riots have broken out across the country, especially in leftist strongholds like Portland, Oregon, and it turns out that a majority of rioters arrested there had a dirty secret that a local news station uncovered.

Those demonstrating say they’re upset with the election’s outcome and that President-elect Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Grievances are fine in a democracy, and those who participate are more than welcome to air them.

It’s what democracy is all about.

However, you have to participate in order for you complaints to be valid. That’s the key, and that’s what most of those arrested in Portland’s violent riots didn’t do.

Yeah, Breitbart News (the new target of the left for its honest reporting), is reporting that over 50 percent of the 112 protesters arrested thus far didn’t vote in the election this year. A local news station took their arrest records and checked them against the state’s election records and found that most of them weren’t registered or didn’t vote.

How nice.

More from Breitbart:

A search of state election records was conducted by a Portland television station which reported that of the 112 protesters that were arrested, 69 of them could not be found to have turned in a ballot or were not registered to vote in the Beaver State.

The local NBC affiliate in Portland took the names and ages of those arrested to Multnomah County election officials who did a search on the state’s voter files, reported KGW-NBC.

Only 25 of those arrested voted in 2016 in the state.

As of the remaining 17 arrested by the Portland Police Bureau, KGW reported that it is still trying to verify their voting records.

One of the protesters who was arrested said she recently moved to Washington State and voted there. She received an Oregon ballot by mail but did not use it to vote, the local network reported.

Lovely, eh? Such a report lends much credibility to other reports that rioters are being bused in to cities in order to cause trouble and stir the pot.

Zero Hedge reported that in Chicago, a resident filmed tour buses lining the city’s streets that were filled with paid agitators brought there for the sole purpose of creating unrest in the Windy City.

There’s also been similar reports from other cities around the nation, including Seattle, where Craigslist ads were taken out to hire paid demonstrators for $1500 week to protest in the streets. The Free Republic made the connection between the ads and none other than Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who’s been responsible for anarchy across the globe.

BUSTED: Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Hiding DIRTY Secret, And It Was JUST Revealed

Meanwhile, leftist “fact-checking” website Snopes released a story in which it claims to have “debunked” the fact that paid agitators are being bused into cities to create unrest. Although it’s worthwhile noting that we’ve busted Snopes in several major lies over the past year, including publishing the claim that the Obama administration didn’t pay ransom to Iran for U.S. hostages even though it admitted to doing exactly that.

So you be the judge. You can either believe the lying leftist media that these are organic protests, or you can believe the mounds of evidence that prove the opposite.

Seems like an easy choice…



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