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Amid Growing IT Staffer Scandal, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Gets DEVASTATING News… From Democrats

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was once a rising star within the Democrat Party, but a series of scandals have left her political aspirations in ruins.

It started when she was outed by Wikileaks for rigging the Democrat primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, and the latest blow stems from the case of her former IT staffer, who’s now in federal custody after being arrested trying to flee the country. Quite simply put, Wasserman-Schultz has done herself in through her shady behavior, and now even members of her own party want her gone.

In fact, they wish she would “just go away.”


From Politico:

The chatter about a House leadership post is gone. So is talk of statewide office. After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, there’s no prospect of an administration job for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

One year after the Florida congresswoman’s resignation as national party chair at the Democratic National Convention — where activists booed and shouted “shame!” at her during a Florida delegation breakfast speech — the once-rising star’s political fortunes continue to fade, beset by critics on all sides.

Wasserman Schultz is again on defenseafter steadfastly refusing to explain why she continued to employ Imran Awan, an IT staffer who was under a federal investigation for alleged equipment and data scam in the U.S. House since February. She finally fired him on July 25, one day after authorities arrested him on a seemingly unrelated mortgage fraud charge. He was at the airport leaving for Pakistan, after wiring $283,000 there.

The firing came a full six months after about two dozen House Democrats dismissed four of Awan’s relatives and a friend, all of whom were under investigation with him.

Wasserman Schultz broke her public silence on Awan last week, portraying herself as the victim of “right wing media” attacks rooted in anti-Muslim bigotry aimed at Awan and the IT group.

But fellow Democrats are as confounded and disbelieving as ever by her penchant for making puzzling and stubborn political missteps.

“We wish she would go away and stop being so public by doubling down on negative stories,” said Nikki Barnes, a progressive DNC member from Florida, who believes Wasserman Schultz left the national party “in shambles” while chair, culminating with the hack of DNC servers and the release of embarrassing internal emails by WikiLeaks in the 2016 campaign. As for Wasserman Schultz’s defense, Barnes said “none of this makes sense. It doesn’t sound like racial profiling … there must have been something for her.”

Yikes. That’s not a good thing for her.

With any kind of luck, Florida voters will remove her from office the next time she’s up for re-election.



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