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White Man Kills 8 In MI Shooting Spree, And There’s Just ONE Question People Are Asking

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On Saturday night, an unhinged 45-year-old white man went on a shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan, killing eight people, including a child, and sending the town into a panic. The suspect was apprehended by police without incident, but now there’s just a single question being asked.

According to, Jason Dalton set out on Saturday night to cause mayhem across town, and unfortunately he was rather successful. Dalton indiscriminately murdered eight innocent people in pure cold-blood, one of which was just an 8-year-old child, and little is known about the incident other than police believed it to be completely “random.”

“It appears we have someone driving around and doing nothing but shooting to death innocent people at random,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas told reporters from the Cracker Barrel shooting scene.

White Man Kills 8 In MI Shooting Spree, And There’s Just ONE Question People Are Asking
Jason Dalton

Police said Dalton didn’t appear to have a criminal record, and they’re unsure of whether or not he legally owned the firearm used in the slayings. Dalton was picked up by police a couple hours after the murder “without confrontation,” and he’s being held for questioning.

While his motive is unclear, and all signs point to him coming unglued and randomly shooting people, there’s a question already being raised by the liberal media; why isn’t this being called “terrorism?” The bodies aren’t even cold, and almost nothing is known about Dalton or why he chose to take innocent lives at random, yet the race-baiting has already begun.

A story from Blue Nation Review bears the headline, “White Male Randomly Slaughters 7 People in Michigan – Where Are the Cries of ‘Terror’?” and it begs the question of what would happen if the shooter were a Muslim while trying to cast all white males in a negative light.

An excerpt from the ridiculous article is below:

“Let’s imagine if the shooter’s name and skin color were different. Let’s imagine if he were Muslim. We’d be facing frenzied coverage, cries of “terrorism,” breathless punditry. Candidates would weigh in, headlines would blare.

“Yes, terrorism has a specific definition. But is there really a qualitative difference between a white male gunning down 7 people and someone who claims allegiance to a terrorist organization doing exactly the same thing? Are the deaths less meaningful? Is the pain any less severe? Is the danger really greater because of the shooter’s ethnicity?

“Or is it that if we start admitting we’re scared of white males, with each new shooting we’d be screaming ‘terror, terror, terror’ every few days?”

Purely shameless. Just hours after the shooting occurred, and already the yellow “journalism” has begun from unhinged leftists determined to desensitize our nation to the threat of radical Islam by creating a false equivalency between actual acts of terror and an incident in which we know little about, yet has all the signs of someone having a complete mental breakdown.

But let’s play his game for a minute. What if the shooter were a Muslim?

Well, we would already have insight into their motive, since 99.99 percent of the time when a Muslim commits such an act, it’s done in the name of Allah to take down the “Great Satan” of America. To the contrary, we don’t know what made Dalton tick, but I can guarantee this much – it likely wasn’t his faith.

What if the shooter were Muslim?

Well, we’d have yet another example of Islamic extremism within our borders and leftists like the hack at Blue Nation Review would do everything in their power to blame anything other than what motivated him – Islam. Meanwhile, in their eyes, simply being a “white male” was motive enough for Dalton.

What if the shooter were Muslim?

The liberal media would remain nearly silent until they absolutely couldn’t any longer. Then once they did actually start reporting the story, it would be done in a manner that completely absolved the shooter’s radical beliefs of any blame while lecturing the rest of us of the dangers of Islamofauxbia, bigotry, and stereotyping. But as you saw with the writer above, within hours of the incident, they were stereotyping white males as people to be afraid of.

This is fun, right?

So, if the shooter were Muslim, we likely would have had some sort of warning for what he was about to do, yet it would have been ignored by the government because of people like that writer, who allow political correctness to dictate national security policy. Then after the fact we’d learn that their social media was littered with radical posts, they frequented terror hotbeds overseas, and had known ties to radicals here in America, but all of this was missed because government agencies aren’t allowed to monitor Muslims thanks to the likes of the writer above who aid radical organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

What if the shooter were Muslim?

Within three days of the attack, Barack Obama would get on television and remind us all that Islam isn’t the enemy, and that the shooter’s actions aren’t typical of most Muslims, before stating that our national security policies are just fine the way they are, and there’s nothing he’s going to change to help make us safer. Meanwhile, he too would lecture us on Islamofauxbia, warn us that hateful language won’t be tolerated, and make some false claim about hate crimes against Muslims being on the rise, almost as if he was trying to justify the shooter’s actions.

What if the shooter were Muslim?

The glaring hypocrisy and double standards of the progressive left would be on full display, just like we’re already seeing in this incident.



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