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WHOA: Alabama Replaced Work Requirements For Food Stamps, Here’s The STUNNING Result

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Alabama decided to replace the work requirements on food stamps that were lifted during the economic downturn, and they’re experiencing quite the remarkable result.

Statistics from the Alabama Department of Human Resources revealed that the number of participants in the SNAP program have drastically decreased, the Alabama Media Group reported. In fact, 13 counties where the requirements were replaced saw a whopping 85 percent decrease in program enrollees, which suggests that many were on the program just because of how easy it was to obtain the government handouts.

TheBlaze has more:

Statewide, the Alabama Human Resources Dept. reported that the number of able-bodied adults without dependents participating in the food stamp program fell by 40 percent from 13,663 to 8,125, in the first four months of 2017. In the 13 counties where work requirements resumed, adults between the ages 18-50 without dependents receiving food stamps dropped from 5,538 to an amazing 831, a decrease of 85 percent in just four months.

“Based on the trend,” said Alabama DHR spokesperson John Hardy, “the number of recipients for SNAP benefits is expected to continue to decline statewide and in the formerly 13 exempted counties.”

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget includes $2 trillion of cuts to social programs like food stamps, causing some like New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio to claim that children would die if it were to be implemented.

But as usual, the leftist hysteria is exactly that; hysteria.

While nobody disputes there’s people out there who actually need assistance, the doomsday predictions are hardly accurate, considering if people truly needed the help they wouldn’t have an issue meeting the modest work requirements. But alas, why use common sense when raw emotion feels so much better?



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