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UNREAL: We Just Found Out WHY Qatar ‘Gifted’ Bill Clinton $1 MILLION For His Birthday

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The conflicts of interest between Hillary Clinton and her foundation while she was Secretary of State are too numerous to count.

From arms deals to embassies, the nations that gave money to her alleged charity made out like bandits for doing so. One nation in particular was Qatar, an Islamic nation with a horrid human rights record.

According to an investigative report from the International Business Times, the Qatari government is a big fan of the Clintons. In fact, the terror-supporting nation has dumped millions into their “charity” over the years, the majority of which flowed into it during Hillary’s tenure as secretary, and thanks to the document dump from Wikileaks, we even learned that representatives from Qatar went out of their way to present Bill Clinton with a $1 million check for his birthday.

Now we know why.

According to the report from the Times, the Qatari government donated at least a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was serving as secretary, which turned out to be quite the lucrative investment. From 2006 to 2008, the country had only been able to purchase $271,325,915 of arms authorized by the State Department, and guess what happened after their “donation”?

From fiscal years 2010 to 2012, the State Department approved $4,291,824,236 worth of arms sales to Qatar, which is quite an increase. In fact, it’s in increase of 1,482 percent from President Bush’s administration.

More from the Times:

The monarchy in Qatar had similarly been chastised by the State Department for a raft of human rights abuses. But that country donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was running the State Department. During the three full budgetary years of her tenure, Qatar saw a 14-fold increase in State Department authorizations for direct commercial sales of military equipment and services, as compared to the same time period in Bush’s second term. The department also approved the Pentagon’s separate $750 million sale of multi-mission helicopters to Qatar. That deal would additionally employ as contractors three companies that have all supported the Clinton Foundation over the years: United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and General Electric.

UNREAL: We Just Found Out WHY Qatar ‘Gifted’ Bill Clinton $1 MILLION For His Birthday

UNREAL: We Just Found Out WHY Qatar ‘Gifted’ Bill Clinton $1 MILLION For His Birthday

Looks like it pays to pay the Clintons, huh?

It’s no wonder the Qatari government gave Bill a million bucks for his birthday – his wife allowed the country to arms itself to the teeth.

These people shouldn’t be anywhere near Washington, let alone back in the White House.



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