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BOMBSHELL: Wikileaks Founder Makes SHOCKING Revelation About Murdered DNC Staffer… WOW!

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Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, recently did an interview in which he dropped an absolute bombshell about a DNC staffer who was murdered in Washington, D.C. last month.

Assange was interviewed by Niewsuur on Tuesday, and boy did he ever blow the murder case of Seth Rich wide open with what he suggested. Assange was speaking of how risky it is for Wikileaks’ sources to get them information when he pointed directly to Rich’s mysterious murder as proof.

“Whistleblowers often take very significant efforts to bring us material and often at very significant risks,” Assange said as he explained the reason his organization doesn’t sit on the information it receives. “There’s a 27-year-old who works for the DNC and who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the streets in Washington.”

The host then tried to explain Rich’s murder away as a robbery, but Assange shut down that argument rather quickly.

“No,” he said. “There’s no finding… so I’m suggesting that our sources take risks.”

“Why make the suggestion about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington?” asked the Dutch host.

“Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States,” Assange replied. “Our sources face serious risks. That’s why they come to us. So we can protect their anonymity.”

Assange then said that Rich’s murder sent chills through the whistleblower community, and why wouldn’t it?

“I think it is a concerning situation,” he added. “There isn’t a conclusion yet. We wouldn’t be willing to state a conclusion. But we are concerned about it. More importantly, a variety of WikiLeaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens.”

If you think Assange is joking, just consider the fact he’s offering a $25,000 reward for information regarding Rich’s death. He’s putting his money where his mouth is, which isn’t something he would do if he were lying.

Holy hell, people. This is absolutely huge. Assange just admitted that Seth Rich was the source for the DNC email dump and that he was murdered for it, which actually makes sense. Rich was killed while walking down the street early in the morning in what police said was a botched robbery.

But here’s the thing – nothing was missing from his body and he was shot in the back, neither of which sounds like the M.O. of a robbery. Plus, Rich isn’t the only one to die a mysterious death recently.

There’s John Ashe, a former U.N. president who was set to testify about a money man and Chinese real estate developer for the Clinton Foundation named Ng Lap Seng. The U.N. first claimed Ashe died of a heart attack, but it turns out that his windpipe was crushed from a barbell.

A barbell?

Then there’s Shawn Lucas, the man who served the DNC with a lawsuit over Berniegate, who was found dead on his bathroom floor by his girlfriend. Lucas was young and in good health, and his death didn’t make sense to anyone around him.

Let’s also not forget Victor Thorn, who wrote four damning books about the Clintons. Thorn allegedly killed himself on a mountain top on his 54th birth, August 1.

He wrote the books, Hillary (And Bill): The Sex Volume, Hillary (And Bill): The Drugs Volume, and Hillary (And Bill): The Murder Volume, and his latest which was published in February, Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House. What makes his death all the more suspicious is that he appeared numerous times on the Russell Scott Show and told the host that “Russell, if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

For those of us who don’t believe in coincidence, this does not paint a pretty picture for the DNC or the Clintons. This situation makes House of Cards look like a children’s cartoon, and should terrify anyone associated with this criminal cartel.

Then again, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised, considering the Clintons have a trail of dead bodies in their wake that rivals some of the fiercest dictators in history. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but think about it, name one other political family that has its own body count throughout its life in the spotlight.

You can’t because there isn’t one.

Snopes says the Clinton body count is a myth. However, it’s like they say; where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire, and it looks like someone threw a lit match into a dry forest behind the Clintons.



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