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BREAKING: Wikileaks Reveals OBAMA RIGGED The Primaries To ENSURE Hillary Won

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Wikileaks has been releasing utterly devastating emails from team Hillary, and the latest one isn’t going to sit too well with supporters of her opponents during the primaries.

We’ve known for some time that Hillary had the scales tilted in her favor to ensure a win, but thanks to Wikileaks we now know that even Obama was in on the action. An email from her campaign manager, Robby Mook, reveals that in January of 2015, Team Hillary was plotting with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC to make the primaries appear as if they were fair, and Obama was a part of the charade.

Check it out:

The email is about a meeting between Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz, and it speaks of Hillary’s preferences for the convention as well as what Obama thinks of it all. Additionally, is stated that Hillary should object to whoever the election planner was going to be “so [Hillary doesn’t] get caught up in those politics.”

The email closes by stating that it’s imperative for Wasserman-Schultz to meet with other potential candidates “so [Wasserman-Schultz] can credibly say [she’s] meeting with everyone.”

The troubling email reveals the great lengths the Democrat Party went in order to ensure their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, secured the nomination to be able to run in the general election. It also shines a light on the dark inner-workings of the Democrats and how they’re willing to subvert our elections to retain their power.

Trump has been saying right along that the entire process is rigged, and it appears as if he’s right. After all, if the Democrats, Obama included, were willing to rig the primary to get Hillary nominated, why would anyone be so foolish as to believe they wouldn’t do the same in the general?



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