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BREAKING: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s SICK Plan To Make Trump Look Like Sexual Predator

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Wikileaks has provided us with a treasure trove of information from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that we wouldn’t have ever known otherwise, thanks to a lapdog media that’s been actively colluding with her to win the election.

The latest gem reveals a sick plan from Hillary and the Democrats to paint her opponent, Donald Trump, as a sexual predator using Craigslist to post for help wanted. The email chain is between Christina Freundlich and the communications director for the Democratic National Committee Luis Miranda, and it shows just how low Hillary’s campaign is willing to stoop to try to steal this election from the American people, who are fed up with this exact type of do anything to win attitude.

Check it out:

That’s gutter politics at its worst, brought to you by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. Nice, right?

Knowing they did this, now it’s hard not to wonder what type of role was played by Hillary and the DNC in the impeccable timing of the women who came forward this week to accuse Trump of sexual assault in incidents as recently as several years ago to over three decades ago. Almost as if right on cue, the women came forward day after day this week as bombshell after bombshell was dropped by Wikileaks as if it was a concerted effort to distract America from the blatant corruption within our government and the Democrat Party.

Further casting doubt on the women’s claims is the fact that one of them, Summer Zervos, ,a former contestant on “The Apprentice,” came forward with her allegations while accompanied by none other than Gloria Allred, a Democrat shill and women’s rights attorney. Emails from Allred were also found in the Wikileaks dump, where she said Democrats “must do everything we can” to ensure that Hillary wins, which begs the question of whether or not fabricating sexual assault claims is within the realm of possibilities.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s SICK Plan To Make Trump Look Like Sexual Predator

Given Gloria Allred is pretty much the Al Sharpton of women’s victimization, the odds that’s she’s behind the onslaught of Trump accusers are really, really good, especially since she’s in so tight with the Democrat Party. While all women who are victims of sexual assault do in fact deserve a voice, the timing of all of this isn’t going un-noticed, the question is whether or not the Democrats are overplaying their hand and making themselves look desperate.

To any objective observer? That’s exactly what’s happening.



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