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Will Ferrell’s Going To Lose Fans After Shocking Move In 2016 Presidential Race

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Most people in Hollywood are die-hard liberals who support their candidates no matter what, which makes a stunning move by Will Ferrell in the current presidential election all the more dangerous for him since he’ll likely lose some fans over it.

In September, the 48-year-old actor, who’s starred in Talladega Nights, Elf, and numerous other comedies, endorsed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders for president, which likely was a big deal for his fans, many of whom are millennials and support Sanders themselves. However, over the weekend in Nevada, Ferrell did the unexpected.

“It’s really important that everyone shows up to caucus,” Ferrell said in a video in which he threw his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“He worked with President Clinton to get people to caucus in Nevada and is co-hosting an event for her,” said a Clinton campaign spokeswoman, Variety reported. “He is supporting her.”

Although in a statement, Ferrell seemed to walk back the endorsement, and instead said that he’s supporting the “process” of choosing a presidential nominee.

“I am currently endorsing the democratic process, which I feel is important to not lose sight of,” he said in a statement. “I feel both candidates have very good ideas on how to run the country and positively influence the lives of Americans. More importantly, whoever the Democratic nominee is they will have my vote.”



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