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With 1 Sentence, Sen. Warren Threw Hillary STRAIGHT Under The Bus… This Is HUGE

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For some reason, an endorsement from far-left Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is the like Holy Grail for candidates, but it doesn’t appear as if Hillary Clinton is going to be the one bestowed with the “honor.” In a blistering sentence, Warren appeared to throw Clinton straight under the bus, which could spell seriously bad news for her already struggling campaign.

TPNN reports that ever since Warren was elected into the Senate, ice princess Clinton has been trying to cozy up to her, but it hasn’t happened yet. After her attest social media message, it doesn’t appear as if Warren has any intentions of backing the former Secretary of State, which isn’t going to help Clinton one bit, especially since she’s already struggling with trust issues from the public.

Warren sent out a message to her followers about what she believes the next president needs to honor – and it’s something we know Hillary hasn’t been able to manage.

The tweet reads:

“The next president can honor the simple notion that nobody is above the law, but it will happen only if voters demand it.”

That’s been quite a challenge for Hillary. In fact, the latest news on her email scandal is that she never even had a State Department email address, and she operated outside the confines of the law from the start.

In fact, a report from the New York Post stated that not only did Clinton never used the government email system, but it appears as if she intentionally left a very important position vacant during her tenure – the very position that would have kept her in line.

“This was all planned in advance” to skirt rules governing federal records management, said Howard J. Krongard, who served as the agency’s inspector general from 2005 to 2008.

The Harvard-educated lawyer points out that, from Day One, Clinton was never assigned and never used a email address like previous secretaries.

“That’s a change in the standard. It tells me that this was premeditated. And this eliminates claims by the State Department that they were unaware of her private email server until later,” Krongard said in an exclusive interview. “How else was she supposed to do business without email?”

He also points to the unusual absence of a permanent inspector general during Clinton’s entire 2009-2013 term at the department. He said the 5½-year vacancy was unprecedented.

“This is a major gap. In fact, it’s without precedent,” he said. “It’s the longest period any department has gone without an IG.”

Isn’t that something? Yet if we’re to listen to Hillary, this entire incident is a vast “right-wing conspiracy” to take her down once and for all. However, as more information is revealed we’re seeing a much clearer picture of the truth – Hillary was intentionally operating as a rogue agent of the government, free of oversight and without regard for the law.

If that doesn’t disqualify someone from being president, then I’m not entirely sure what would.



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