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Woman’s EBT Card Gets Declined, And What Happened After Is INSANE!

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A viral video was taken inside of a convenience store recently, where a woman’s EBT card was declined for reasons unknown. She wasn’t too happy about it, and what she did as a result really is unbelievable.

The video starts shortly after the woman’s card was declined. She’s seen lumbering around the store in an ankle cast, sweeping items from the shelves and destroying everything in her sights, all while repeating, “Call the police, call the police!”

She continues on her rampage, and even goes as far as knocking over entire shelving units. At one point she’s asked by a shopper, “What the f-ck are you doing?” but she continues on unfazed. Her wild and erratic behavior didn’t end until store employees were able to wrangle her large frame and escort her outside of the building.

As Paul Watson from InfoWars rightly points out, this woman’s behavior offers a glimpse of what could come with a large-scale glitch were to affect welfare payments in our country. It really wouldn’t be pretty, as previous glitches have shown in the past.

More from InfoWars:

Back in 2013, several Walmart stores suffered looting and “mini-riots” following an EBT card shutoff, which was caused after a routine check by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure.

Managers were forced to close a Walmart in Philadelphia, Mississippi when people reacted to the failure by staging a “mini-riot.”

Shoppers also attempted to loot hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, Louisiana after the glitch temporarily allowed them to make unlimited purchases on their EBT cards.

Currently there’s some 47 million people on food stamps, according to the USDA. That number is up from just 17 million back in 2000, but has declined from its peak in 2012, when there was roughly 1.5 million more people using EBT cards.

While there’s undoubtedly people who desperately needs the temporary assistance from the government, thanks to the lackluster economy and slow job growth, the undeniable reality is that there’s millions of people out there who have become accustomed to living off the government and feel as if they’re entitled to the “free” handouts. Unfortunately, there second and even third generation families who have made careers out of collecting welfare benefits, and should something ever happen to disrupt their money flow, you can all but guarantee widespread chaos as a result.



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