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Woman Walks Into Target Bathroom, TERRIFIED At What She Finds Hanging On The Wall

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Last week, retail giant Target started a firestorm after announcing its policy allowing transgendered men and women to use the bathroom they feel is appropriate, and backlash was swift and severe. In the wake of the announcement, a California woman went into one of the store’s bathrooms, and she was rather stunned at what she saw hanging on the wall.

As we’ve been reporting, the decision from Target hasn’t been too well received, as many people with children feel as if such a policy could endanger them – and they’re right. Target swears the policy is to promote “inclusivity” in their stores, and they’re apparently going all-in with it.

What’s “all-in” in this particular instance? Well, putting urinals in the women’s bathrooms to accommodate “women” with outdoor plumbing.

Karen Crawford allegedly went to a Los Angeles Target store and she claims that while in the bathroom, she saw the company had removed one of the stalls containing a toilet and replaced it with two urinals.

Check it out:

“It’s true. ..I’m in the women’s bathroom at a Target north of LA…they actually took out a stall for women in order to accommodate the ones who have giblets…yes, these are urinals…for men…and so the war on women progresses. …”

Yikes. That right there is some twisted stuff, if it is indeed true – one has to wonder the purpose of installing urinals for people who believe their women.

“When in Rome,” right?

In response to the terrifying photo, one user wrote:

“Dear Target, thank you for being so ‘inclusive’ as to allow men who identify as women to use the rest room with women who identify as women. Some people believe safety, privacy, dignity, and reality are more important considerations than political correctness, but it’s wonderful to see you taking a stand against those bigots. Why should our wives and daughters be treated with decency when there are cross dressing dudes to appease? Again, thank you for your bravery.”

Another pondered, “How can society get so far off based?”

“Lord help us!” they added.

Whether or not Crawford’s photo is authentic remains to be seen; however, one thing is for certain – Target opened up a massive can of worms with their decision, and it’s likely going to cost them big time as concerned customers use the power of the purse to send a strong message to the company.



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