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WOW: House Dems’ SHADY IT Workers Demanded UNTRACEABLE PAYMENTS, And Look What Happened

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The shady IT workers employed by House Democrats were only willing to work if their payments weren’t able to be traced, and you won’t believe what happened as a result.

We previously reported about the Pakistani family employed by the DNC who’s now under investigation for stealing classified information off of government servers, but the story just took a shocking turn after it was discovered they engaged in a myriad of questionable activities, all of which were endorsed by their employers.

From the Daily Caller:

A Pakistani family under criminal investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police for abusing their access to the House of Representatives information technology (IT) system may have engaged in myriad other questionable schemes besides allegedly placing “ghost employees” on the congressional payroll.

Imran Awan, his wife Hina, and brothers Abid and Jamal collectively netted more than $4 million in salary as IT administrators for House Democrats between 2009 and 2017. Yet the absence of signs of wealth displayed among them raise questions such as was the money sent overseas or did something other than paychecks motivate their actions?

Capitol Police revoked the Awans’ access to the congressional IT system in February 2017 after a major data breach was detected. Their access had allowed them to read emails and files of dozens of members, including many serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

House Democrats have been nonchalant about the allegations, with some saying it was just a misunderstanding or the Capitol Police framed the Awans due to Islamophobia.

But official documents, court records and multiple interviews suggest the crew may have engaged in tax fraud, extortion, bankruptcy fraud and insurance fraud and the money could have been funneled overseas. Abid has hired high-profile attorney James Bacon who specializes in anti-money laundering litigation.

The Awans share modest homes, drive unremarkable cars and report little in the way of assets on congressional disclosures. The family owns significant amounts of Virginia rental properties, which are heavily financed, with second mortgages sometimes taken out. It’s unclear where the rental income goes because the Awans insist tenants pay in odd ways.

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Nice, right? There were more red flags with these people than you could imagine, yet the DNC, led by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the time, was more than willing to either turn a blind eye to all of them for reasons unknown.

You can bet your ass that if these people were working for Republicans, this story would be front page news every day until the election. But alas, since it’s the Democrats, the media won’t even look in the story’s direction, let alone report any details about it.



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