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Bernie Sanders Campaign Sign Vandalized, Check Out The PERFECT Note Left Behind

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A Bernie Sanders campaign sign in Illinois was vandalized over the weekend, and whoever did it left behind an absolutely perfect note for the owner.

The sign was spotted in Collinsville, according to the Gateway Pundit, and everyone who’s seen it so far can’t help but agree with the message left where the missing half should be:

Bernie Sanders Campaign Sign Vandalized, Check Out The PERFECT Note Left Behind

“I took half of your sign because you had one and I didn’t.  I’m sure you understand.”

Socialism is great until you’re the one having to pay for it, which most every Sanders supporter doesn’t seem to grasp and this sign tried to exemplify. For the record, the sign wasn’t actually vandalized, the owner created it to make a point, and they definitely succeeded.

What’s funny is that the majority of Sanders’ supporters are young, college-aged kids looking to get “free” stuff at the expense of the taxpayers, not realizing that one day they too will be the taxpayer. That’s the problem with what they’re being promised – they fail to see that once they’re in the working world, they’re going to be quite upset when they get their first paycheck and half of the money they earned is gone right off the bat.

Unfortunately, they’re in for a rude wakeup call when they get out from their sheltered lives in college and find out what the real world is all about. These pie in the sky ideas sound awesome on paper, but in practice they’re not quite as nice as they seem.

One only needs to look as far as Venezuela to see that socialism drags everyone down rather than lift up the less fortunate. The nation is rich with natural resources, has fertile farmland for miles, and has all the clean water you could imagine, yet everyone except the political elite lives in poverty and squalor because nobody wants to be productive.

That’s what Bernie will usher in here if he’s elected president, and that’s what has happened to every nation that’s gone the route of socialism because all incentive to be productive is stripped from the people. You can’t have those working their asses off be punished for their hard work while those doing next to nothing are rewarded. You can’t take from those who strive to get ahead so that those with less ambition can live a comparable life, and you can’t lift people out of poverty by providing for them the fruits of another’s labor, for those providing the fruit will eventually realize there’s no benefit to doing so.

That’s exactly why socialism has failed every time it’s been tried, and that’s why regardless of what fancy name you give it, socialism will fail when it’s tried again. Yet for some reason, his supporters believe that this time around it’s going to work.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. It’s up to you to decide whether or not Bernie and his supporters are insane, but if we go by what Einstein said, the proof is in the pudding.



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