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BREAKING: After Hearing Testimony, Rand Paul Drops NUKE On MAJOR Lie Comey Told Congress

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On Monday, FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress about an ongoing investigation into President Trump’s campaign, and Sen. Rand Paul noticed something about his testimony that wasn’t quite right.

Speaking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Paul was asked about the president’s allegations of wiretapping from the Obama administration and Comey’s assertion that they were false. Paul responded by pointing out one glaringly obvious fact that the anti-Trump crowd seems to be intentionally overlooking.

“Everybody admits that somebody spied on Mike Flynn, and he was part of the Trump campaign, so it sounds like what the president said has already been proven to be true.” Paul said. “Somebody listened to Mike Flynn’s conversation and leaked it to the press, which is a felony, and you don’t do that unless somehow you eavesdropped on someone’s phone conversation.”

According to the Kentucky Senator, the media seems to think that “wiretapping” is the old school method of placing a bug in direct proximity of someone’s telephone.

“If you haven’t looked recently, most of our telephones don’t have wires,” Paul told Cavuto. “So, ‘wiretapping’ is a broad term for surveillance.”

Cavuto asked Paul if he thinks Trump himself was under surveillance, to which Paul responded that people shouldn’t take Trump’s tweets at their face value.

“I think there’s a lot of imprecision in the language when you’re talking about a tweet. I think ‘wiretapping’ to Donald Trump probably meant spying,” he explained. “And I think ‘Donald Trump’ or the ‘campaign’ also probably meant Mike Flynn. So I think really we’re arguing circles around something that most people are admitting.”

He then pointed to an obvious fact that nobody in the media seems to want to acknowledge.

“Somebody was spying on the Trump campaign and … Mike Flynn lost his job because of an illegal felony in which somebody released the results of spying on the Trump campaign,” he concluded.

According to Comey’s own testimony, the FBI began investigating the Trump campaign in July of 2016, while Obama was still in office. As with any investigation, surveillance and intelligence gathering are a major part of the process of collecting evidence, especially when it comes to counterintelligence, so it stands to reason that Trump and his team were under surveillance since at least July, when the FBI reportedly requested a FISA warrant for the first time.



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