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BREAKING: Entire Crew Reportedly Killed After U.S. Warplane Shot Down, This Is WAR

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A U.S. warplane has been shot down and the entire crew is said to be dead, which his clearly an act of war.

The plane was shot down in the western Anbar province of Iraq, and ISIS appears to be claiming responsibility for it. Apparently, when the plane went down, the entire crew was killed as well.

The Mirror has more:

ISIS is claiming to have shot down a US military aircraft close to an Iraqi airbase.

The Amaq news agency – which is seen as ISIS’s official media outlet – reported a US warplane had come down near the Ayn Asad Airbase in western Anbar.

It is being reported that the crew have been killed.

Although while ISIS is claiming this to be a success, a spokesman with the U.S. military said that they’ve been able to account for all of their planes, and that none were shot down in the region.

“We can confirm with confidence that no US aircraft have been shot down in Iraq at all. We have accounted for all of our aircraft,” the unidentified spokesman said.

However, news agencies within the country are reporting otherwise.

If true, this is a blatant act of war that will require immediate action from Obama. Then again, even if it is true, with how this administration has handled information, it’ll probably be buried.

Initial reports in these situations are always changing, so we’ll update this story with more information if it becomes available.



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