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VIDEO: Unsuspecting Veteran Answers Door For Cops In N.Y., His Guns Get IMMEDIATELY Seized

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A New York Vietnam veteran was at his home when the police showed up unexpectedly, and soon after they were emptying his home of all of his guns.

Thanks to the 2013 (un)SAFE Act, police can seize people’s firearms if they’ve ever been treated for mental illness. The only problem is Don Hall had never been treated for mental illness, so when police showed up with their lights flashing to take his pistols and long guns, claiming he was “mentally defective,” he was perplexed at what was happening.

“I was guilty until I could prove myself innocent,” Hall said. “They don’t tell you why or what you supposedly did. It was just a bad screw up.”

That screw up cost Hall time and money. He was forced to hire an attorney to fight the state’s unconstitutional order to quite literally steal the man’s guns.

After extensively working to prove he was innocent, rather than the state proving he was guilty, Hall was finally able to get things straightened out. However, reports that to this day, not a single person involved with illegally seizing his weapons has admitted to making a mistake.

How exactly this kind of mistake can happen remains unclear. |The Post Standard contacted the county and state agencies involved and were told either they couldn’t say what happened or they don’t know. The State Police did not respond to several phone calls.

The Office of Mental Health is investigating how the mistake happened, and said it appears the hospital may have “reported inaccurate information,” Plastiras said.

And therein lies the danger of allowing the government to have this kind of power. Due Process is called Due Process for a reason, and it’s to prevent things like this from happening to innocent people.

Hall spent untold sums of money with a lawyer, plus wasted months of his time, all so he could get back the guns he legally has a right to own because New York State has unconstitutional laws allowing for the confiscation of weapons without being convicted of a crime.

If I were him, the next lawyer I called would be the one willing to sue the idiotic government in New York.



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