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Woman Who Made Ad With Trump’s Wife Naked Got BAD NEWS, But Look How She Replied

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This election has undoubtedly stooped to levels of depravity never before seen in politics, and the anti-Trump ad that depicted the front-runner’s wife is evidence of it. However, for every action there’s an opposite reaction, and the woman who created the ad received some horrible news. And her response to it is quite telling.

For starters, for Liz Mair to have created the ad to blast Trump for his wife’s past was low. It was really low. So she should have known that Trump’s loyal supporters weren’t going to take too kindly to it… and they didn’t.

According to Breitbart, the former RNC operative has taking some serious flak for her disgusting attack on the potential First Lady, and now she wants to take her ball and go home because she can’t handle it.

The head of an anti-Donald Trump super PAC threatens on Twitter to file criminal charges against Trump supporters.

Liz Mair, founder of the anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome, is under fire after launching an ad in Utah depicting First Lady candidate Melania Trump, a model, posing nude, and encouraging people to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz. Mair’s ad was attacked by the establishment media for “slut-shaming” Melania Trump. Mair has been defending her ad, saying that she doesn’t care if Melania posed for photo shoots but that Mormons in Utah probably would.

Now Mair claims that “Trumpkins” are calling Mair’s mother on the phone.

It’s not just Trump’s supporters she’s threatening either.

Mair, who’s a dual citizen of the U.K. and America, has a history of being an absolutely disgusting human being. According to The Hill, she was formerly employed by Gov. Scott Walker during his presidential bid, but was forced to resign after her mouth got her in serious trouble.

The controversy that engulfed her was focused primarily upon tweets she sent during the Iowa Freedom Summit in January, an event where Walker was seen to have shone.

At one point, she tweeted, “In other news, I see Iowa is once again embarrassing itself, and the GOP, this morning. Thanks, guys.”

Shortly afterward, she added, also on Twitter, “The sooner we remove Iowa’s frontrunning status, the better off American politics and policy will be.”

Mair’s views of Iowa appalled GOP activists in the state, which holds the first contest in the presidential nominating calendar.

A co-chairman of the state GOP, Cody Hoefert, told The New York Times that he found the remarks, which also included criticisms of ethanol subsidies beloved by Iowa farmers, “disgusting and repulsive.”

So I guess it’s not a huge shocker that she went after Melania Trump in such a vile manner. She appears to be a progressive in conservative’s clothing, since no true conservative would act in such a childish manner.

Although while it’s clear she’s able to dish it out but truly can’t take it when it comes full circle, threats against anybody’s family really aren’t acceptable either. Feel free to rip Mair to shreds all you want, but just as we got upset about her attacking Trump’s family, if her accusations against Trump supporters are true (which is probably unlikely), then people should tone it down a bit.



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